CLR Damaged Travertine Restored


Homeowners in the Memorial area of Houston, TX called us after their housekeeper accidentally damaged their travertine floor by using improper cleaners. She had used a very acidic cleaning agent (CLR) to wipe down the floor with a sponge. This created etching damage in a wiping pattern that is clearly visible on the floor in the BEFORE photo.

Our Solution

First, we filled a few holes with a tinted, two-part epoxy filler. Then we honed the floor, removing a very thin, upper layer of the travertine, virtually erasing the etch damage and blending the filled areas with the surrounding stone. After we polished the floor to the beautiful, glass-like shine you see in the AFTER image, we applied a clear, impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. We also provided maintenance care instructions to prevent this kind of damage in the future.

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